Undoubtedly, customer relationship management (CRM) software can supercharge your business. In order to regulate customer interaction and lead conversion, you need efficient CRM system that enables your sales and marketing teams to win customers. Without proper software, your sales staff will find it difficult to follow up the leads and staying on top of customers. With advanced CRM system, your sales team can close more deals while your service team can make customers happier with faster case resolution. However, with market featuring wide array of cloud-based CRM solutions, it is really difficult for the organizations to select the right-fit solution for their business. One globally recognized cloud-based CRM solution that can help in boosting sales performance is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Whether you want to centralize your sales data or want to improve your sales team performance, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in that.

How Dynamics 365 for Sales Can Improve Your Business Performance?

As intelligent, cloud-based customer relationship management solution, Dynamics 365 for Sales capacitates sellers to automate sales processes to boost productivity by shortening sales cycles and reducing costs. D365 Sales comes with built-in digital intelligence and productivity tools that enable sellers to better understand their customers with comprehensive customer insights. With these actionable insights, they can heighten customer experience by offering personal attention that fosters lasting relationships and strengthens pipeline development. Predictive analytics and automated lead scoring in Dynamics 365 CRM provide necessary data to grow business. By automating business processes, you can significantly reduce operational cost.

Foster Relationships By Delivering Personalized Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics Sales features embedded analytics and rich customer insights that enable you to find opportunities while nurturing relationships. You can create personalize sales documents with familiar Office 365 tools. Rich customer profiling enables salespeople to engage in meaningful conversations while comprehensive customer information helps them in delivering personalized experiences. With easy access to information such as customer’s buying history and preferences, or information about family members or birthdays, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your sales team to target right leads, contacts, and opportunities.

Improve Productivity, Performance & Collaboration

With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can set-up goals and achieve these by providing timely feedback, coaching & real-time monitoring. Empower your sales team with predictive and proactive information, enabling them to prioritize top goals while exploring opportunities. By closely monitoring sales team performance, you can investigate deviations from plan and take corrective action. Dynamics 365 for Sales allows your sales team to organize and share customer information in real-time to easily track leads, view customer info, and open support cases.

Dynamics 365 Sales offers seamless integration with familiar productivity tools such as Outlook and Skype, helping your team in accomplishing routine activities, like planning their day, reviewing customer information, scheduling meetings and holding online meetings, in a few clicks. With contextual charts, and Power BI Q&A, you can improve team collaboration.

Intelligently Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Dynamics 365 CRM enables your sales team to do their best work virtually from anywhere on any device. People from your sales team will get contextual news, social data, and task flows even on the go. You can also enhance sales CRM system by integrating add-on or custom applications to solve your exact business needs.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we can infer from the above text that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) will help you in delivering personalized engagement. You can go from data to insights with real-time dashboards, drill-down capabilities and natural language queries to understand exact requirements of your customers. If you need something more to discuss, feel free to contact us.