Automate HR Processes with Dynamics NAV Custom Software

Leveraging Dynamics 365 for Human Resources, you can streamline your employee management operations tasks to save time and money. Particularly, we have integrated core and strategic human resource functions into one solution. This helps regulate administration, align recruiting while reducing turnover. In addition, you can save time to focus on culture, retention, and other highly impact areas.

Payroll & Timesheet Management to Improve Productivity

With the deployment of our HR software solution, you can addresses payroll requirements. It enables you to ensure accurate, faster and efficient processing within the entire business organization. For instance, this highly scalable cloud-based management suite helps speed up calculations for wages and bonuses. Also, a robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources capability enables you to manage other forms of compensation, based on user defined rules.

Furthermore, one can configure the employee functionalities of this Human Resource Management Software as per the unique requirements. This may include wages, bonuses, administer taxes, and deductions. Also, it enables you to customize payroll processing as per your organization’s policies. You can ensure that process is effective, accurate and consistent.

Moreover, leveraging an efficient software solution you can even record time-lines of tasks alongside tracking working hours. In addition, offering self-service capabilities Dynamics 365 Human Resources allow your employees to view information. Particularly, this helps them manage their daily tasks from a single, secure platform. In other words, one can centralize records for better compliance management.

Simple And Intuitive Dynamics 365 for Human Resources To Keep You Compliant

Designed for Your Business – Particularly, our solution suite is highly adaptable and you can customize to fit your specific business needs and requirements.

Empower Managers with Data – Leverage actionable insights to make data-driven decisions. Also, you can gain business analytics into the performance of employees with real-time dashboards.

Boost HR Productivity – In addition, with comprehensive capabilities across attendance, leave management, salary, compensation and more, our custom HRMS helps in improving human resource efficacy.

Motivate Top Talent – Above all, it is designed to support the hiring process, on-boarding, performance evaluation and retention, our human resource management system enables you to gear up your team and top talent.

Improve Satisfaction – Also, maintain a healthy work environment by bringing transparency. In addition, empower employees with a self-service portal to keep them motivated and focused.

   Create New  Employee    Attendance    Leave    Salary Component
   Compensation    Process Salary    Generate Earning Sheet    Salary Release
   Payroll List    Tax Calculation    Leave Generate    Management of Leaves
   Calculation of Leaves    Leave Summary    EMS Database    Deduction

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