Automate Your Sales Process to Boost Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is cloud-based, robust client relationship management software that enables your sales team to quickly close more deals. In addition, Dynamics 365 for Sales delivers actionable insights, enabling your sales team to better understand customers to deliver heightened customer experience and personal attention. In addition, by providing a complete view of customer data, Dynamics 365 for sales professionals enables your team to capture and track all opportunities in the system, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to boost sales productivity. Moreover, with D365 Sales, you can shorten sales cycles while making well-informed data-driven decisions that foster lasting relationships and strengthen pipeline development. Also, you can create an organization-wide process for lead development utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales features to reduce costs and achieve organization-specific sales targets.

Maximize Your Sales Team Performance to Enhance Efficiency

  • Set up goals, monitor results, meet and achieve your organization’s objective.
  • Leverage real-time analytics dashboards to track deviations from the plan
  • Monitor the sales team’s performance in real-time, provide feedback & coaching to drive sales.
  • Maximize performance with dashboards, drill-down capabilities & natural language queries
  • Use best practices including interactive help and documentation to align sales behavior
  • With drill-down capabilities and natural language queries, gain real-time customer insights

Foster Relationships by Delivering Personalized Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Sales delivers actionable customer insights that enable you to find opportunities and nurture relationships. Also, you can also unify data and processes by seamlessly integrating LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 for Sales to easily manage relationships. In addition, you can enhance team collaboration by sharing meeting notes, events, and custom sales documents in real-time. Interestingly, you can render this personalized engagement without any profligacy as Dynamics 365 Sales pricing fits in your IT budget and offers the most productive capabilities most cost-effectively. Furthermore, your team members can also coauthor documents based on their knowledge and experience.

Boost Productivity and Increase Revenue

  • Empower sales team with modern mobile apps, enabling them to work on the go, virtually anywhere on any device.
  • With familiar productivity tools such as Excel, Outlook, and Skype for Business, enable your salespeople to efficiently perform routine activities.
  • In addition, it easily tracks leads, views customer info, and opens support cases in real-time to deliver amazing customer experience.

Utilize Embedded Intelligence to Drive More Sales

  • Maximize customer relationships and revenue by leveraging contextual, embedded intelligence.
  • Understand social sentiment using predictive intelligence, identify potential competitive threats.
  • Moreover, it optimizes your communication by understanding how customers interact with your emails.
  • Integrate the Sales app and Office 365 to empower the team with tools; they need for each step in the sales cycle.
  • In addition, it enables salespeople to target right leads, contacts, and opportunities in the pipeline based on social insights, customer’s buying history and preferences. You can deploy Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Sales Navigator to acquire the right prospects.
  • Leverage a complete view of the customer to deliver personalized experiences to building trust and long-term relationships. 

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