With the advancement in global market expectations, digital transformation is the key requirement to adapt to the frequent enhancements and top the chart. In such a case, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations renders ERP solutions with a single, cloud-based business application. It provides an array of tools to manage all the business processes and help you incorporate digital intelligence to the organization.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Can Drive Digital Transformation To Your Business In The Following Ways:

Supports Global Enterprises

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has unique global features to assist organizations striving for intercontinental expansion. In particular, it facilitates the organizations simplified business solutions and helps you meet the requisites for global buildout. With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, administrators can have multi-language reports. Hence, business collaborators across the globe can easily read these reports in their native language itself. Organizations can set up, manage, and integrate countless legal bodies with a single application. Also, it renders the service of multi-localization, which assists business organizations to meet the regulatory compliances of the particular locality. The availability of a multi-currency transaction nullifies all the hindrances in inter-company financial transactions efficiently.

Revamps Financial Performance

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is quite advantageous in stimulating financial management. It is specifically designed to meet all the requirements related to the financial management of even most intricate global organizations. It offers accounting modules and combined budgeting and planning solutions to help the multi-national companies adapt to changing financial dimensions. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations advances electronic banking, keeps a track of fixed assets, handles sales and taxation, and generate financial statement fulfilling all the primary requisites of international finance. For a digital transformation of your business, robust financial management stands at the base to support all other major operations, and to help you gain global expansion.

Optimizes Project Management and Planning

Efficient Project management is indispensable in context with the digital transformation of your business. In such a case, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations helps you create project estimates with integrated templates and tools. It helps you generate comprehensive lists of tasks and duties with specific details, provide project managers effective tools for the successful delivery of projects, and promote collaborative communication among team members (both internal and external). Also, invoice formatting capabilities, resource forecasting, and scheduling tools help maximize project flexibility. Automated functionalities, including resource planning, cross-project tracking and progress tracking of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations stimulate the digital transformation of your business quickly and conveniently.  

Manages Entire Human Capital 

With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can avail personalized onboard checklists and communications for quick and productive hiring. You can shortlist skilled candidates and manage recruitment through an automated system. You can keep a record of details, including skills, certifications, education, and experience of your employees within a core business application. It enables you to create and check targets and appraisals to keep your employees motivated. Besides, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations render embedded modules to manage payrolls and compensation plans.

Upgrades Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations offers an array of supply chain functionalities, stimulating business growth, particularly in manufacturing-related operations. With the inclusion of bar codes and RF (radio frequency) devices, it enables you to check inventory levels and operations. Also, you can operate countless numbers of inventory sites and enables vendors to generate purchase orders with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations efficiently. Moreover, this functionality can be integrated with the project accounting system to assist you in managing both simple and complex manufacturing processes. Also, it renders advanced MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) solution to maximize resources and cash flow.

Improves Sales And Marketing

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Sales, you can win the sales race using automated business processes and digital intelligence. It offers predictive analytics and automated lead scoring to assist you to procure substantial business growth. Moreover, it renders team social insights, updated company information, custom sales documents, and real-time analytics to target potential leads and develop purposeful engagement. Also, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations assists in monitoring results, prioritize top objectives and optimize sales performance as a whole.

Standardize Service Management

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Service Management extends asset control, repairs documentation, flexible scheduling, contract management, warranty control, and spare parts documentation features, which automate workflow efficiently. Its key area of functionalities includes service agreements fulfillment and responding to customer queries. Administrators can integrate it with sales and marketing and human resource management to stimulate the efficacy of business operations.

Stimulates Time and Expense Tracking

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations renders advanced Time and Expense Tracking functionality to respond to the changing economic dimensions, particularly to assist the businesses to deal with worldwide economic stress. Its high availability and compatibility feature enable expense tracking through internet browsers irrespective of the location. Generating real-time invoices and improved security control help tabulate Time and Expense data smoothly. Enhanced functionalities of multi-currency transactions, automated reporting through e-mails and notifications, Timesheet and Expense entry, Employee expense reimbursement management, and creation of multiple calendars for flexible working promotes efficient Time and Expense Management. 

Improves Transportation Management

Business administrations, with the deployment of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, can accelerate product delivery. Offering transportation management functionalities, it stimulates transportation operations, including shipments, loads, inbound and outbound logistics, containerization, and packaging. Facilitating routing and rating, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations get worldwide preference to prompt transportation management.

Advanced Intelligence and Analytics

Key functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Intelligence and Analytics include extensive Financial reporting with Management Reporter, Power BI integration, Attachments and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and Regulatory Reporting. With analytical workspaces, administrators can deploy interactive user-experience through infographics and visuals. Business documenting solutions and Technical reference report integrated with business intelligence smoothen analytical operations and configurations.

Expedite Development

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Development render extensive features of Dynamics Life Services to compute security and regulate process management. It facilitates the personalized presentation of logical calculations, electronic reporting, and financial reporting to standardize financial operations within legal bodies. With the introduction of Mobile Apps, its proffers mobilized access to business processes in any place. Data integration, Office 365 integration, and Data management capabilities render productive vicinity for task accomplishment. 

Businesslike Cost Management

Integrated with Power BI, this functionality renders managerial insights to revamp cost management. Inventory accounting, manufacturing accounting, ledger integration, and indirect cost accounting assist business operators with evaluation and assessment of cost flow through multifarious processes. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Cost Management organizes cost around Cost Types, Cost Centers, and Cost Objects. This enables managers to view the statistical dimensions of their business and understand cost behavior for enhanced cost management.

Extensive Warehouse and Distribution Management

Businesses with Warehouse and Distribution Management can grab an array of capabilities to foster related operations and ensure streamlined execution. Flexible Inbound and outbound material workflow assistance, integrated support for source documents, control over location stocking limits, multiple picking plans, optimized counting capabilities, outbound wave processing, automatic containerization, label printing and routing, and integration with manufacturing and transportation solutions assist in fostering workflow and optimize productivity with Warehouse and Distribution Management.

Revamps Procurement and Sourcing

Global businesses can identify potential suppliers for required services and products with procurement and sourcing functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It facilitates the generation of planned purchase orders, processing or purchase requisitions and agreements to expedite procurement operations. Automating trade agreements, which offer prices and discounts, scheduling delivery, configuring supplementary products, and evaluating vendor performance through procurement and account payable reports assist administrators to optimize profitability and sustain business activities.

Simplifies Planning and Scheduling

Using such capabilities, managers can stimulate operation scheduling and resource scheduling proficiently. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Planning and Scheduling proffers extensive service to control the planning methods, optimizing resource scheduling as per its capacity; one can opt for reference production if the product order’s schedule undergoes any change.  

Efficient Product Engineering

Business operators can opt for product templates to stay updated with innovation and modifications in the product. It integrates with SharePoint for convenient collaboration and centralizes pieces of information. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Product Engineering facilitates administrators with advanced filtering, logistics management embedded with engineering change requests and engineering change orders. One can stimulate data synchronization with Product Lifecycle Management and Centralized Master Data functionalities efficiently.

Slick EDI Studio

With EDI studio, administrators can procure an integrated electronic document interchange, which enables the efficient and resolute exchange of information. This module prompts integrated communications for intercompany orders, invoices, acknowledgements, and advanced shipping notices. It is orchestrated to facilitate workspace integration, which enables tracking of business transactions and message exchanges efficiently.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations provides an embedded marketing platform for improved planning, execution and real-time analytics of marketing campaigns. It enables you to customize and merchandize the applications to meet the on-going demands of your visual speculators. With its AI-driven business insights, you can incorporate an exclusive digital transformation of customers’ interaction. Functionalities to personalize customers’ experience and track multiple marketing channels make Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations the most favored solution to quench the thirst of global recognition through digital transformation.

These functionalities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations can institute digital transformation to all your business operations. Interestingly, you can build custom applications with no additional code development to get an absolute solution for your business queries as well. It can productively let your business be an eminent part of technologically advanced and profit enduring worldwide exposure.