Though organizations are collecting large amount of data in the form of call recordings yet they are unable to utilize that data to the full potential to generate sales opportunities. In this cut-throat competitive marketing landscape, extracting value from the existing data is important for profitable growth. The availability of conversation intelligence to Dynamics 365 Sales Insights empowers sellers and managers to extract useful insights from every customer interaction and sales activity while enabling them to make the business decision with intelligence. 

Conversation Intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enables organizations to optimize sales calls at the scale and gain critical business insights. With Microsoft AI and natural language processing, Conversation Intelligence automatically extracts insights that are required to close deals while identifying new opportunities for your sales teams. By delivering a seamless and automated process for analyzing conversations across multiple channels, conversation intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights offers an overview of the call center to sales managers, enabling them to drill down to get call statistics for individual sellers. Based on these useful insights, sales managers can re-shape business by providing smarter coaching that eventually helps in enhancing sales to generate revenue.    

Key Features 

Emotion & Brand Detection: Emotion detection offers granularity to understand customer sentiments during calls, enabling managers to make better operational and strategic decisions. With brand detection, organizations can understand about which new products and brands customers are talking during sales.  

Timely insights: Assistant in the app continuously provides unique and timely insights. 

Natural language Q&A: With conversational data feature, organizations can ask simple questions in English and receive reports that address these questions.  

Analyze seller behaviors: With this feature, managers can easily understand common patterns related to top seller behaviors to ensure positive sales outcomes.  

Conversation review: This new feature provides a detailed view of conversations highlighting brand mentions and gaps, enabling sales managers to understand the interest of the customers.  

Auto Capture: Auto Capture feature not only helps in capturing customers’ emails but also captures meetings on the calendar, logging them into appropriate records. Auto Capture also provides suggestions to create new contacts, based on communications, reducing the overall time spent on these tedious tasks and freeing sellers to focus on what matters most.  

The Bottom Line 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, organizations should leverage the power of AI to streamline work, freeing up sellers from time-consuming, routine tasks like data entry and tracking email communications. Contextual or Conversation Insights help organizations to extract value from each interaction to build relationships through personalized engagement while exploring opportunities to boost sales.