In this digitally enabled world, data collection is more thorough and comprehensive than ever. As the demands of consumers are growing exponentially with need of personalized engagement at every touch point, organizations are looking to know every single thing about every person in their database to deliver personalized services. For this, organizations are relying on marketing automation platforms. With such software they are looking for answers for questions like   

Who should you reach out to?

What should you offer when you have their attention?

Which channel should you communicate through?

With too many marketing automation software available, it is really perplexing to find the most appropriate one. In this blog, we are providing you details about the features you should look for while selecting the best marketing automation software.

Upfront and Total Costs – Pricing is a very crucial factor. Some of the marketing software delivers free set up while some provides limited free usage. Some organizations charge on the basis of number of contacts while some charge more for higher numbers of leads in the system. In nutshell, marketing automation software is available in varied budget as they offer features that also vary as per the needs of small-to-medium-to-big business organizations or companies.

Capabilities – Before selecting the platform, it is recommended that you should look for broad spectrum of tools and features that support automation across email, social media, digital ads, SMS, content development, blogging, e-commerce, webinars, and affiliates/ referrals. Apart from landing pages, lead capture forms, SEO, and demography, it is recommended that marketing automation platform enables you to track user interaction across multiple touch points, track leads, & deliver robust reporting capabilities.

Scalability: Best marketing automation software is just not about the features and functionality. Scalability is another factor that you should look for. With most of the marketing automation software available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you pay each month for access to their tools and the data you’ve input into the system. As your business grows, you can scale up the capabilities which can be in terms of contacts or users or anything else based on your package. You should check whether the software can be easily expanded and upgraded to handle increasing users’ communication.

Data Security – If you are selecting marketing automation software available as SaaS, then you should look for the enhanced security feature. You should check whether the level of encryption which your vendor is offering meets a number of corporate standards.

Integration with CRM – Both marketing and sales team needs to work together to close a prospective business deal. Marketing Automation Software that can seamlessly align with existing CRM system is always recommended as it ensures that sales nurtured by the right marketing tactic(s), clever tracking and reporting.

Apart from this, there are several other features like integration capability, user-friendliness, business intelligence, etc can help you to drive real success. By keeping these things in mind, you can look for marketing automation software.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help you?

If you’re looking for best marketing automation software, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the most obvious choice. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a part of Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement Suite. As flexible marketing automation software, D365 for Marketing is easy to use and designed to cater your advanced marketing needs. With marketing management and automation capabilities, D365 for Marketing enables you to market more effectively while gaining actionable insights into your marketing campaigns. As a cloud-based marketing application, Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps in managing the customer along their journey through the sales funnel. By delivering engaging customer experiences across multiple touch points, D365 for Marketing helps in improving productivity.

Campaign orchestration – Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you in creating seamless customer experience. With unified sales and marketing capabilities, you will get comprehensive view of your customer. Having knowledge about all the customers’ interactions alongside information about their buying habit, you can deliver more personalized experiences. With comprehensive information about customers, you can drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools.

Make better decisions – With built-in business intelligence and capabilities for dynamics segmentation enables you to target the right audience. Dynamics 365 for Marketing also delivers multiple lead scoring capabilities that enable organizations to offer personalized engagement across all Marketing activities. With configurable dashboards and PowerBI analyzers, D365 for Marketing enables you to track campaign performance. Real time social insights help you to stay competitive while also help in managing your brand reputation.

Improve Productivity – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation Software helps you to track & attribute how prospects move through the marketing and sales funnel. With automatic workflows, D365 for Marketing optimizes buyers’ journey. Single source of information about contacts, leads, and customers enables you to deliver consistent results across the buyer’s journey. In-built familiar tools such as Office 365 help in creation of professional documents; Excel templates for analyzing marketing activities while SharePoint for collaboration with colleagues, leads, and customers.

With these built-in functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help you run more engaging marketing campaigns. With D365 for Marketing, organizations can explore and nurture more sales qualified leads by using multi-channel campaigns. By aligning sales and marketing together while leveraging Office 365 collaboration tools, Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps in improving marketing ROI with delivering personalized buyer experiences based on interactions. In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, users are charged according to how many contacts they have contained within the app. Thus, we can say that D365 for Marketing is best marketing automation software.

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