Organizations need visibility into their cash flow in order to make accurate budget forecasts. Organizations find it challenging to forecast material cash inflows and outflows at the business unit and consolidated levels if they use disparate ERP systems. Coordination is another issue that comes across multi-layered organization when it comes to financial pain-points. Dynamics 365 Finance from Microsoft is engineered to deliver robust foundation for transparency, automation, simplicity and controls in managing global tax and compliance responsibilities while helping you to conduct business globally.  

What is Dynamics 365 Finance?

To offer more flexibility to organizations while selecting the module, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now available as two standalone applications—Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Dynamics 365 Finance is cloud-based financial management solution that delivers better financial controls, optimizes cash-flow and unified global financial reporting. With embedded analytics and predictive insights, Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to make faster, strategic decisions to drive growth. With integrated productivity tools and applications like Office 365, you can automate tasks and save time while minimizing operation costs. With budget control, financial planning and analysis, you can optimize spending across business geographies.

Drive Strategic Financial Decisions with Built-in Business Intelligence

With real-time analytics, and financial intelligence, Dynamics 365 Financial Management Software helps you in closing the books faster. Dynamics 365 Finance comes with agile financial reporting capabilities to support multiple legal entities and currencies. You can efficiently handle foreign exchange in real-time with D365 finance while shortening end-of month process. Built-in business intelligence and machine learning capabilities delivers predictive recommendations and proactive guidance to ensure timely customer payments that helps in enhancing profitability.

Unify Your Financial Processes

Embedded Power BI enables you to have view of key business metrics. With this, you can easily drill down into transactions to monitor the health of your business to improve performance. Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to adapt to rapidly changing local and global financial requirements. With built-in configuration service, you can easily manage frequently changing regulatory requirements while simplifying regulatory and tax reports, e-invoicing, and payments.

Decrease Global Financial Complexity and Risk

Dynamics 365 Finance helps in addressing compliance and regulations requirements across 37 countries. With support for 42 languages, Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to meet local regulatory requirements across different countries. You can easily manage your financial operations using rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions while easily adjusting to changing global financial requirements.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we can say that financial management is much more beyond recording transactions. If you want to reduce accounting errors, shortening invoicing cycles, complying with ever-changing tax laws and regulatory requirements, and optimizing daily, monthly, and yearly cash flow then you definitely need cloud-based financial management software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. With this, you can set rules, definitions, and processes to standardize your information, while quickly adapting to latest accounting standards. With Dynamics 365 Finance, you would be able to reduce records redundancy while delivering better budgeting, forecasting, and planning. Dynamics 365 Finance enables more accurate audits while helping you in tracking records of all assets and liabilities. By consolidating financial data, Dynamics 365 Finance aligns corporate processes to reduce complexity.

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