What is Microsoft Office 365 :

“Office 365” refers to complete access to all well known Office applications included with other productivity services. With this extensive functionality, it enables over the internet (cloud services) for enhanced efficiency. In nut shell, it has everything you need for your home, school and work and can be accessed from everywhere. It includes the following apps:


PowerPoint: With the help of this feature, highly interactive presentations are designed. In addition, with the modern tools and effects, it creates class impression on audience.

One Note

One Note : OneNote behaves like your digital diary to keep the record of to-dos, meetings and everything important to remember and recall.

ms word

Word : It creates stylish documents and allows polishing work with others easily. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the new reading experience on modern touch devices.

ms excel

Excel: It provides intuitive ways to explore and present your data. Also, With the Office 365, discover new ways to visualize your data and draw deep graphical information.


Outlook: It is the one place which manages emails, contacts, schedules and to-do items.


Publisher: It lets you create and share impact and professional-looking personalized publications .  


  • Omni –Accessible:
    One can access latest updated files and tools on desktops, tablets or their phones. Particularly, all they need Office 365 Microsoft, a device and internet to being productive. Particularly, place is not a restriction for the smart professionals.
  • Encourage Team –Work:
    It encourages team-work with business-class emails, shared calendars, IM, web conferencing and access to the latest updated documents stored in the cloud. Also, with taking care of security of data, it allows working together in real-time.
  • Always updated:
    With the subscription of Office 365, you get the latest Office apps of both desktop and online versions. Moreover, being on cloud, as any update is available, it updates automatically. Also, you can go for Microsoft Office 365 Download for on-premises use via leading partners.
  • Security of Work in the Cloud:
    With OneDrive, your work is always available to you from everywhere. Furthermore, you can also share the information with others if you want with the help of internet.Microsoft Office 365 Business offers extensive storage and security to streamline work.

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