Microsoft is committed to Artificial Intelligence. It is, in fact, releasing AI Apps – Virtual Agent, Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection that helps in improving the customer experience while protecting the organizations from vulnerability. The AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service help in building loyalty while reducing service cost.

Virtual Agents:- Microsoft will provide the ability to monitor support request flows, from start to finish with the help of Virtual Agents. Managers can deploy Virtual Agents to automate handling problems with specific solutions. This helps in automating support topics with automatic answers and resolution of common issues. Virtual Agent can also work with your human agents and can also take action on their behalf, making your support more efficient. In case, the virtual agent can’t handle a problem, or a user asks for a human agent, the virtual agent pulls in a human agent to help. Virtual agents can be equipped with customer’s detailed history related to purchase records and previous customer support interactions so that customers get right solution with bots to solve problems on their own.

  • Virtual Agent Bots can automatically answer and resolve frequent questions
  • Virtual Agents can provide AI suggestions about which support topics to automate
  • Usage of Microsoft Flow to trigger actions across Dynamics 365 and other applications within the context of virtual agent processes
  • Routing to human agents in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

AI Powered Analytics:- Deep business insights enable customer service team to discover and adapt to current and emerging trends while identifying key areas for growth. AI also helps in balancing the workload to ensure that calls reach the right agent. The built-in AI of Dynamics 365 helps in getting the most value from customer survey feedback. AI, business intelligence, and machine learning help you understanding customer engagement patterns, human and virtual agent performance, and call center operations on multiple dimensions with interactive charts and filters.

This new App is designed to help users to retain customers while building With this App, organizations can get transactional, observational and behaviour data from multiple sources using pre-built connectors which include Sales Navigator, Share Point lists, Active Directory, Exchange Online and Azure tables. Furthermore, this app unifies data into comprehensive customer profiles by mapping records into the Common Data Model with AI applied to match and merge data. Tailored customer profiles and contextual customer insights can be used to help sales, service and marketing teams drive personalized engagements across channels. Customer segmentation on the basis of common attributes and interactions associated with unified profiles is also possible, enabling organizations to target each group.

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection:- Having many years of experience in protecting its own e-commerce businesses from fraud, Microsoft has come up with a sophisticated technology stack that uses connected big data across multiple lines of business and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide more accurate decisions in real time. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is an anti-fraud solution for e-commerce merchants which focus on payment fraud protection. This anti-fraud solution enables merchants to drive down fraud loss, increase bank acceptance rates to yield higher revenue, and improve the online shopping experience of its customers.

Diagnose:- Diagnose experience enable you to preview product’s ability to detect fraud. The product will generate risk evaluation reports after analyzing data set, providing you valuable risk insights. The Diagnose experience can identify opportunities to improve your fraud protection capabilities.

Fraud Protection Network:- It enables you to evaluate, in real time, whether an incoming purchase transaction should be approved, rejected, or manually reviewed. It, further, assesses transaction’s likelihood of fraud using Microsoft’s industry-leading AI platform. With wide range of features across device, location, payment instrument, and product, Dynamics Fraud Protection feature helps your business to tackle emerging fraud vectors.

Virtual Fraud Analyst:- With innovative AI technology, virtual fraud analyst offers a comprehensive view of historical data, enabling you to set up and adjust the optimal risk score thresholds. This threshold can then be transformed into rules, enabling you to make appropriate decisions about accepting or rejecting your customer transactions.

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