With 100% focus, we provide successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. To apply CRM with your system, we follow certain steps.

They are as follows:

  • Discovery:
    To start the process, we want to understand your business concept, the idea behind and the processing of your organization. With requirement gathering and Gap-Fit analysis, we get through your business challenges and worries. After analyzing, our technicians make recommendations based on our expert experience. Once discussing the solution, a team of experts will be able to create a fixed quote based on the scope of the project.
  • High level design:
    Particularly, gaining the deep knowledge about your business process is necessary to come up with a solution that works the best for your company. Also, We will keep asking you some probing questions to know the underlying processes, tools and platforms that are currently used. This way, we can keep your sensitive and dependent processes impassive. Moreover, our aim is to arrange meetings with your team to discuss the findings and start planning CRM solution for your business. Our industrial experience lets us suggest some recommendations based on previous successes. Furthermore, the high level design will include a summary of what is to be implemented and diagrams that will define what is included in the detail design.
  • Detail design:
    With lining a high-level design, the detail design is created as a roadmap following which our technical team fabricates solution for your business. Also, this step determines automation required, key reports and data migration. In such a case,  our experts present screenshots explaining the working of CRM after development.

Additional Support

  • Develop:
    Next, our team of professional architects will commence working on pieces of your CRM functionality. In addition, with a strategic approach and systematic testing methods, they connect pieces of CRM to ensure continuity. Moreover, our technicians will keep you updated weekly about the progress of the software through meetings.
  • Testing:
    We ensure performing QA testing after development gets completed. Offering rigorous conditions and situations, our testing team checks them and informs us with errors or missing functionalities. Furthermore, before submitting the CRM solution, we will let you test the implemented functions to avoid after submission hassles.
  • Training:
    Our promise to train your team as a part of our  CRM implementation service is more crucial to us than you and we keep our words. In addition, a team of experts with deep industry expertise provide extensive online training or in-person training. However, it is required to understand the software well including its dashboard and navigation tabs and their functions. Therefore, we have two methods to train the user: train the trainer or group training. You can select whichever you want. In addition, essential videos and process documentations are also available for better understanding.
  • Deploy:
    After ensuring every process, we will “go-live” with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. This will start integration points and data will flow into the CRM. We will do some preliminary testing and connect with you to ensure everything is working as expected. Now, CRM will take over and all your business challenges will be resolved smoothly.
  • Support:
    We will ensure that Microsoft CRM works as per your expectations. We also offer additional support and training to provide you the full benefit of the software at additional cost.

In conclusion, with deep technology expertise and knowledge, we are providing services to local businesses and overseas enterprises both. If you’re looking for Implementation of CRM, just Contact us.